Dear Apartment,

As soon as George and I got married, we were looking for a new place to live. We came across a management company where we found one apartment for rent that was in a nice neighborhood. That’s when we met you. You impressed us and we liked that you had 2 bedrooms so we’d have plenty of space. As well as we had the whole second floor to ourselves, nobody above us, just neighbors below. We signed our lease and got our keys, and moved in about the middle of May 2017. It was a lot of change all at once. A new home, a new marriage, and I had a new last name. Although I was in love, and happy to be finally married, it was a difficult and weird time for me in the beginning. A time where I had to figure out who I now was. A wife, married. It took some time for me to feel comfortable with the change. You were the place that I was able to figure all that out. The place that we spent almost three years living, growing, learning, laughing and loving.

You were the place that we got to bring our baby bunnies home to. First Emerson in September 2017 and then Lola the following month. The place where they got to run around and play and where we learned all it takes to be fur parents. Where they grew up to be 3 and 4 pounds. The place that we celebrated two of their birthdays in. We had too many snuggles that we could have ever counted. I’ll be forever grateful for that!

On my first birthday we celebrated while we were there, George got me a really fancy waffle iron. Lots of waffles were made in your kitchen. You were the place where we tried a lot of new recipes, and where we set the fire alarm off too many times because of your poor ventilation. Even so, we will be able to look back and reflect on those times. Your kitchen was welcoming to my vintage 1950s table and chair set as well as my coatrack of 31 aprons. We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple with you. We made dinner together in your kitchen. So many meals, celebrations, friends and family came over too. And we can’t forget the countless songs which were danced in your kitchen, even some slow dances.

When we went away on vacation or weekend trips and adventures, you were that place we came home to. Our week long to Virginia, day trips to Boston, and Vermont, weekends in Maine, and Pennsylvania. We can’t forget about our 11 day trip to Aruba. You were always there waiting for us. Welcoming us with open arms.

We had many laughs while we were with you. Many movies were watched, many tv shows as well. We shared fun times with our friends and family with you. Making meals and sitting at the table or in the living room catching up with them.

You were the place that I started Andrea Dawn Photography LLC! The countless hours spent on education, learning to navigate Light Room and Photoshop. All the editing while getting to hang out with my super cute co-workers (the bunnies). Getting distracted by those cute co-workers.

Unfortunately, you were the last place that my sister Vicki would visit me when she and Sonia came down for a weekend. You were the place that I traveled back to so many times to see my family in Maine. The place that George was there to comfort me when I came back from visiting Vicki when she was sick. The place I was when I learned that we lost her. You were also the place that I spent many hours and days crying and healing from her loss.

As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by many boxes as well as thoughts and memories. You know, to be honest, we really thought that you’d be the place we’d stay until we were moving into our first home. We were wrong, but that’s okay. You were there for us in the time that you we needed you. Thank you for that. You will always be our family’s first home. The place we had our first pandemic in, and even crazier the place we had to move out of during that pandemic. Despite all of that, you will always be the place where we shared so many cherished memories!