I know Easter was a couple of months ago, but, I’m excited to share this year’s Live Bunny Easter Minis! This year was a little different from the normal minis. Thankfully I had a couple of clients wait out the quarantine orders with me so they could still have the fun session with their little ones.

All of the kiddo’s showed up with their cute outfits and ready to see the bunnies! Emerson and Lola with the help of George, were brought to the room. They’d hop over to say hi and get a couple of gentle pats and then run off. They would hop in and out of the set while playing a cute game of hide and seek with the kids. At times they would take a little break and then be curious again and hop back over to the kids.

Emerson, Lola and I were excited to meet some new kids this year. They got to meet and play with Miles and Nicholas, who are brothers that were visiting all the way from Texas! We were glad that we got to have them over before they had to go back home. What a fun time they all had. The bunnies also got to meet two more brothers named Benjamin and Greyson. The boys were so sweet and enjoyed their time with Emerson and Lola. They were so much fun to play with and they all became quick friends.

We also had a couple of friends that we met last year at our Bunny Minis, that came back to visit and get some pictures done with Emerson and Lola again. Brothers Judah and Ryan had a fun time playing hide and seek with the bunnies. This year Ryan was able to sit up on his own. He got to some pats in as well as Judah. Also, their friend Julianna came back. She was so excited to see the bunnies. Emerson and Lola again played a fun game of hide and seek with her. There were so many laughs during her session. Thank you to all of those who participated in this year’s Live Bunny Easter Mini and helped make it a great success.