Mini Sessions are a fun and quick way to update your family photo album. I had some Fall Minis in Bangor, Maine this year. I love capturing the beautiful colors that Autumn presents us with each and every year. My husband and I planned a trip up to Maine the weekend of October 10th. The foliage peak had passed by that time but I was still able to capture some of Fall’s gorgeous colors. A couple of the minis were located at the Bangor City Forest, and then another shoot at the University of Maine trails.

All of the families showed up looking great. I don’t think any of us were prepared for how cold and windy it was going to be. The entrance to the city forest was a dirt road next to a large field, so there was nothing to protect us from the wind.

The Bauer family session was first. Mike, Brandi, and their daughter Lucy. We started the session on the dirt road where I got some pictures of the whole family and then of just Mike and Lucy, then just Brandi and Lucy. You could see so much love between the three of them. We went into the field and finished the session there. The family held hands and walked towards me. Lucy was so cold, but Brandi wrapped her in a shawl to keep her warm. I captured a few pictures of Lucy spinning around. It was so cute, almost as cute as she is! The Bauer family is so sweet; it was a pleasure working with them!

Next up was the Holman family. Kylee and her two beautiful daughters Annabeth and Aria put on wonderful smiles even though it was freezing. We also took pictures on the dirt road. Some of the three all together and then of Kylee with Aria, then Kylee with Annabeth. Then we headed up the hill for some more shots. Some shots of each girl individually, and then together. They were so cute together, hugging each other tightly. We captured some more pictures of them all together. A few while Kylee tickled them and them laughing. Such a sweet moment! The three of them are a dear family and a pleasure to work with.

After those two mini sessions, the Batchelder family met up with me. We headed over to the University of Maine in Orono to their walking trails. My sister Sonia wanted some with her 2 daughters Hannah and Abby. Naturally, I was happy to take some photos! I have taken pictures of their family for years, even before I started professionally. There were more colors on the trees over there. We got some shots of the three of them and some, then with her husband Gavin. I got some shots of the girls individually. Such beautiful girls, and not just because I’m biased that they are family lol. After their session had ended, Hannah took a few pictures of George and I for us.

Being able to take more pictures in Maine is something I look forward to in the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to go up once there is some snow on the ground and be able to capture more family memories. Being able to capture life up there is something that I love to do, and is such an honor. Until next time, Maine.