Mini Sessions are a fun and quick way to get some updated family pictures. For some families that option works best. In addition to my Fall Mini sessions in Bangor, Maine, I also had a couple Fall Minis at Pine Island Park in Manchester, New Hampshire for the second year in a row. The park has a few different trails that are tucked in the back of the park. I use one of trails for these mini sessions. The park also has a playground, which is super fun for the kiddos to play on after their session is over.

I met up with the Haidemenos family who came back for my Fall Mini Session for the second year in a row. It was fun to see how much Nick and Libby’s son Alexander had grown from the previous year. Last year he rode into the session in his Radio Flyer wagon. This year he was up and able to walk around. The family showed up looking great as always. Their session started with them sitting down on a blanket. My husband George was behind me making silly faces and jumping around to help make Alexander smile. I got some pictures of the whole family together and then some of just Libby and Alexander, and then some of him with just his Dad. I then captured some images of the family standing. We got some pictures of the family walking towards me down the path, and then we ended the session with getting some pictures of just Alexander by himself. It was so great to see their family again as well as be able to capture some sweet memories for them to treasure forever.

Next I met up with the Banning/Scarfo family. Kat, Jeff, and their two sons Nico, and Marco. I had the pleasure of taking baby pictures for them when Nico was just a little baby. Now he’s just a couple of months shy of being 3 years old. Wow, time flies. Marco just celebrated his first birthday back in July. The session started sitting on a blanket with the whole family, and then some of just Kat with the boys. George was behind me getting the boys attention and helping make them smile. We took some pictures of the family walking down the pathway towards me. Mom and Dad swung Nico back and forth by his arms, and he absolutely loved it. I got some more family shots with them standing together holding both boys. Then I got some of Dad with just Marco and then of him with just Nico. We got some sweet pictures of Mom with Marco next. We ended the session of a couple pictures of Nico up in a tree that’s by the playground, he loved that. It was nice to be able to photograph this sweet family again, and this time with another handsome family member.

I enjoyed taking more fall pictures at Pine Island Park again this year. I look forward to heading back there next year for more mini sessions. It was a pleasure capturing sweet memories for these sweet families! Until next time!