When Stephanie contacted me for pictures before her oldest son left for college, I jumped at the opportunity! In only two days, we managed to plan their session and squeeze it in. She did a great job at planning outfits for seven people in just those two days and make sure everyone was ready for their session. As well as working around everyone’s busy schedule dropping off and picking up kids from sports and activities. Supermom skills at its finest if you ask me! I know how important family pictures are to have. Not only are they great hang on a wall, they are also treasured moments to remember for a lifetime. That honestly is the best part of my job.

On the night of Friday July 24, 2020 I met up with Stephanie, her husband Matt, and their five children at Greeley Park in Nashua, New Hampshire. The weather was perfect, not too hot and there were a lot of shady spots in the park.

Owen is the oldest child and was heading to college, and was only given a couple of weeks’ notice that he would be going to be attending the school in person. He spoke about how his senior year was a lot different than anyone could’ve imagined, and how he looked forward to his first year of college. Molly, Mary-Kate and Liam are triplets, and they’re all in driver’s ed now. Maeve is the youngest. She was a bit quieter than the rest of the bunch but had such a gentle sweetness about her. What a beautiful family they are; such a unique special bond to each other.

We snapped some photos of the whole family together, then just the kids, and some individual ones. I also got a few shots of just Stephanie and Matt. They’ve been married for 20+ years and told me that they hadn’t even any pictures of them taken since their wedding! We walked to a few different spots around the park to make sure to get some pictures with different backgrounds.

The family was fun, and were such great sports about everything I asked them to do. From fake laughing, tickling the youngest, to making a human accordion. I had them all hold hands and spread out as far as they could. Then they had to walk towards me and crash into each other and spread back out again. Taking pictures doesn’t have to be all serious business, it can be fun and games too. I love getting both posed shots as well as candid act like I’m not here shots.

As the session ended, we made our way back to the stone house to get a few more pictures at that spot. We spoke about them heading to the beach before Owen heads to college. Thank you Finn family for the opportunity to work with you and being able to capture some life lasting memories of your sweet family! And best of luck to you Owen on your new adventure and starting your first year of college.