Acadia National Park, Maine. One of my favorite places to be, and one of my fondest childhood spots! My husband George and I went in July for our impromptu vacation. It was a so much fun and so relaxing. I of course got to see my favorite color, Ocean every day we were there. This girl will never complain about that.

On the way up to Bar Harbor, we stopped at Perry’s Nut House. I have fond memories of going there as a child and sitting on the wooden elephant outside of the store. Today they have a giant squirrel, not the same as the elephant but it’s still nice to go in and explore. We of course had to try a fudge sample….and then buy some. They still have one of those mirrors that make you look very short and stout that they had from when I was little. To most of you it probably sounds a bit nutty, but to me it’s a nice spot to reminisce a little.

Shortly after, we found our Airbnb and then headed over to the Park Loop Road. We saw a beautiful sunset going down on some of the mountains. We pulled over and took some pictures and breathed it all in. The colors and the quietness, so peaceful and breathtaking. From there, we stopped at Sand Beach. It was dark out and the sky was unfortunately too cloudy to stargaze.

During our trip, we explored the area time and time again. The ocean and mountains, something that I’ll never get sick of. From looking for seashells and cool rocks, or nature’s treasures as I call them, to listening to the waves crash, to seeing many deer just roaming around, it was a beautiful time. We went to the Seawall, and drove up Cadillac Mountain, to Thunder hole, and Sand Beach. We also have to always make a stop at the cute little white bridge in Somesville. It’s one of my favorite spots to capture some cool shots with my camera. On a sunny day, you can capture the reflection of the bridge in the little pond it goes over. There are just so many spots to stop and enjoy.

Bar Island is an island in Bar Harbor. You are able to access the island by foot during that during low tide. You have about 3 hours to cross the walkway before the ocean covers it. George loves to skip rocks there, and so on our walk over and back we looked for the perfect ones to skip. We found a starfish among many other cool shells and rocks. If you ever get the chance to walk over to Bar Island, it’s definitely a cool experience.

One morning we woke up really early and got dressed up and headed to Sand Beach for a photo shoot. We got there at 7am, before there would be many people and before the sun was too harsh. I brought my camera and tripod and set the timer to take multiple pictures every 5 seconds. I wasn’t able to be as creative as I would have been being behind the camera, but we were able to get some great shots that we love and will be hanging on our walls. While we were having our shoot, we met a couple that’s also from New Hampshire, Gabe and Emily. Gabe is also a photographer and they offered to take some pictures for us with his camera which was really cool. He later emailed them to me and they were great! After our shoot, we changed our clothes and went off to explore.

One of the best things to do when you’re in Acadia National Park is to watch the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain. We didn’t get up to the mountain to watch the sunrise this trip, but we did the last time, and it is so breathtakingly beautiful! We did however go to Bass Island Harbor to watch the sunset. To see the sun go down by the lighthouse at this spot is a great experience. You have to get there with plenty of time because it’s a popular attraction. The colors of the sky, mixed with the crashing of the water on the rocks is one of my favorite things.

If you ever get the chance to go to Acadia Nation Park/Bar Harbor, DO IT!!! I 10/10 recommend it for people of any age. The combination of the ocean and mountains together is a serene experience. I look forward to the next time I get to go and enjoy the adventures and views.