I met Alyssa when we both worked together at Greenbriar Terrace, a nursing home in Nashua. We didn’t work directly together but our paths met quite often. She was pregnant at the time that I was leaving to pursue my photography career. We talked about how she wanted to have pictures done for her baby girl when she was born. I was honored. This would be Alyssa and her husband Tom’s forth child! They were getting ready to welcome their baby girl into their family. Such an exciting time!

I received a text from Alyssa when the baby was born. Haidyn Rose. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby girl. She was born on Monday, October 29, 2018. I had the pleasure of meeting her on that Friday to take her pictures. She was so perfect, sweet, and so cute. She was corporative, which made my job easy. We had a couple of different outfits and headbands for her to change into. She slept through some of the session, but was awake for a part of it. I was able to captured some sweet moments.

When Haidyn was turning three months, Alyssa asked if I could take more pictures. Of course I wanted to see that sweet baby girl. She was wide awake, alert, and happy for her session. Alyssa was able to get her to smile throughout the whole time.  We were even able to get a couple of pictures of her on her tummy. Such hard work, but she did great. Again she was wearing a cute outfit with a headband. Such a sweet girl.

Time seemed to fly by and it was already time for her six month old pictures. She had a sweet little outfit on with a flower headband. Haidyn had apparently gotten used to me by then and even fell asleep in the middle of the session. I was able to capture some sweet pictures of her while she was sleeping. It was so precious. She looked like a little angel as she snoozed the time away. She woke up a little while later and I was able to finish the session as she was awake.

For Haidyn’s nine month session in the summer, we were able to have the session outside. We made plans to meet at Greeley Park, a beautiful spot located in Nashua. It was a warm and sunny day. A perfect day for pictures. During this session, Haidyn’s siblings came to be included. Lana, Ty, and Elly. The girls were wearing cute dresses. I took some pictures of Haidyn by herself. Then some with her brother and sisters too. There is a little rock wall that we were able to take some pictures in front of, as well as on a blanket. There were smiles on all their faces and I was able to capture some great memories. There was a huge tree that the older kids were playing under so they were occupied while I was just capturing Haidyn’s pictures. It was a fun session.

When Alyssa got in touch with me about Haidyn turning one! Wow, a whole year had gone by already. I was excited to see them again. I had come up with the idea to have a cake smash session. Alyssa was on board. Because her birthday is so close to Halloween, she went with a pink and orange color theme. I got balloons, big paper flowers, some pink yarn to make a small little sitter blanket, and a “one” banner and cake topper. I had everything set up and was ready and excited for the session. I got some pictures before we gave her the cake. Then it was cake time! She wasn’t sure what to think about it. She got a little frosting on her toes at first. Then she got some on her fingers. As it turned out, she was more interested in the veggie sticks than the cake. Regardless, we got some really sweet pictures for her and her family to enjoy for a lifetime. Thank you Alyssa for allowing me to capture all those sweet memories of your sweet baby girl, Haidyn Rose.