I always love doing family sessions. When Alyssa wanted pictures of her and her family, I was onboard! I’ve taken pictures of her children before but never of her whole family, so I was excited at the opportunity. We discussed a couple of places that were possibilities for their session. She chose to do their session at Benson’s Park in Hudson, New Hampshire. The park used to be known as Benson’s Wild Animal Farm. It was a zoo and amusement park that opened up in 1926 and closed in 1987. Since the closing of the zoo, it has been turned into a public park and nature area; a great spot for a family session. We met up on a Saturday, August 8th in the morning before the park would get too busy, and before the weather would get too warm. The day ended up being a mostly cloudy day with some peaks of sun through the clouds.  It was actually Alyssa’s birthday so I felt honored to be a part of her special day and to be able to give her sweet memories for her to treasure forever.

I met Alyssa, her husband Tom, their twins Lana and Ty, and daughters Elly and Haidyn in the parking lot. We started the session right after we got through the gate opening. There was a rocky path that was less busy and as we were walking I saw that it would make for some great photos so we stopped there. We captured some pictures of the whole family together. The kids seemed a bit tired and I kept capturing the kids mid-yawn, I thought it was funny and cute. They all had great smiles and the youngest Haidyn kept us all on our toes. I hadn’t seen her since her one year old birthday shoot last October. She was walking and talking and the way she said her sibling’s names was the cutest thing.

We made our way to another spot in the park where there were some trees and some nice shade. We got some family shots, and then a couple of just Lana and Elly, then some of the twins Lana and Ty. I was able to get some cute candid shots of all the girls too. We moved further into the park and found a few other nice places to stop and get some shots in. In the woods, on a bench, etc.

To have a little fun and to break up the session a bit so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for the kids, I brought a fun surprise. With the help of their Mom and Dad, we were able to do a fun activity. What kid doesn’t love bubbles? I was able to capture some shots of all of the kids popping bubbles. Elly was a bubble popping ninja and so wasn’t Ty. Lana had a more of a gentle way of popping them. Haidyn seemed happy just seeing them blowing around. We had each kid take turns popping them so they all got to have a chance to pop them. They all had a fun time with the activity while I got some great pictures of the fun time they had doing it.

After the bubble fun, we found a butterfly garden, where we didn’t actually see any butterflies but there were some dragonflies. There were some colorful flowers in the garden as well. It made a great background. We got some really great pictures at this spot.

As the session was ending on one of the paved pathways, I had everyone hold hands while I took some pictures as they stood still. I then asked them to turn around and walk away from me and walk slowly away from me. After they got a ways down the path, I asked them to stop and turn back around. I then had them walk back towards me slowly. To mix up the pose, I had them all take turns looking at each kid at separate times. I was able to get some different emotions and reactions by doing so. Everyone did a great job during the session. Thank you Hickey family for trusting me with capturing such sweet moments in your life!