Just had a great session with the Hickey family. Tom, his wife Alyssa and their 4 children, Lana, Ty, Elly, and Haidyn. Danny, his girlfriend Carolyn and their baby girl Delia. Chris, his wife Melissa and their 2 children, Molly, and Connor. After our original date was rained out, everyone was amazing with being flexible to reschedule the session. We all met up early Sunday morning, and it was cold! No, I mean it was really cold! Despite that everyone showed up looking great and had big smiles on their faces. The session was booked so the whole family could get pictures with Grandy (Chris), one of the sweetest Grandmother’s I’ve met. Grandy has three sons who all have families of their own.

The session took place at Benson’s Park in Hudson, New Hampshire. Benson’s used to be a zoo for many years and since it has closed down, it has become a park with a playground, a pond, walking trails, and a couple of the cages that used to be for the animals. Thankfully there were still some pretty Fall colors that we took advantage of using as some backgrounds. We started taking pictures at a big beautiful yellow tree. We got shots of the whole family together first. You may think that getting a group of 14 people all looking and smiling was difficult, but this family did great! We then took pictures of each individual family with Grandy, then Grandy with her son’s, then her with her daughter’s. In between family shots, everyone was putting their coats on and warming up.


The pond was foggy but made for a beautiful background. We got some pictures of Grandy with all of her grandchildren. They were standing under two big trees that started dropping pinecones. The first time one dropped it made everyone laugh. I snapped some more pictures before we moved on. Thankfully we had no pinecone causing injuries and everyone was okay.

Melissa had mentioned that the barn would be a nice spot for some pictures, so we all gathered our things and headed over to that spot. The red barn was beautiful. There was some construction going on but I was able to capture what I needed. The red went well with all of their Fall outfits. It was a perfect spot, I’m so glad that Melissa thought of it! We got group shots and then Grandy with grandkids and then just the kids. After the barn shots, we made sure to take some individual family pictures of each family. Attached to the red barn is a cage from when the park used to be a zoo. The kids wanted to get some pictures of them inside the cage. We took a few pictures of smiles and then I told them to show me their silly faces. It was a little bit of fun for them. It was still cold, but they were all rock stars and did such an awesome job.

While we were taking pictures by the barn, I had noticed a bench close by that had pretty flowers in pots on each side of it. It was like they knew we were would there, and it was set up just for us. We got group shots, and some of Grandy and the grandkids. To finish up the session, I got some pictures of just the Hickey boys. The kids jumped in for the final shots.

Thank you Hickey family for a fun experience! I know it was cold and early, but you were all so amazing the whole time. It was a pleasure taking photos that you all that you will be able to treasure for years to come!