Moving to a new state can come with all kinds of changes, emotions, and new adventures. After our move to the state of Maine, life has been different. The different has come with lots of new opportunities. One of those opportunities has been the ability of meeting new people.

As a photographer meeting new people is one of the best perks of the job. You get to capture their lives, tell their stories, and capture sweet memories for them to look back on for years and years. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica last week. She’s a mom of two sweet boys. What a beautiful family they are.

They came in for a lifestyle newborn type session, the kind of session that captures the love and connection the family has for the new baby. Jessica recently had a baby, Jace who was six weeks old. He has the most beautiful thick black hair, not to mention he was also so adorable! Her older son, Jacs is two, and also adorable with so much energy…you know, the kind you wish you could bottle up.

Their session took place in my new studio. I was so excited for them to come and to finally be able to put it to use. We started their session off with some photos of them on the bed. Jacs was so good with his baby brother. He gave him so many hugs and so much love the whole time. It was so sweet to see, as well as capture with my camera. We then got some pictures in my egg chair. Some of all three, and some of just Mom with Jace. He was wide awake and gazing up at his mother, which melted my heart. I was also able to get a few different pictures of Jacs by himself. He did a great job during the session. I loved being able to just capture them as a family. Of them just enjoying their time together as if I weren’t even there.

Thank you Jessica for allowing me to be a small part of your journey as a mother. It was such a pleasure to be able to capture your beautiful family. May you treasure all the sweet moments in life, as your boys are such sweet treasures!