Second birthdays are a big deal, since they only happen once in a lifetime. It’s always fun to celebrate them with a cake smash/bath splash session! I had the honor of doing just that with two year old, Jeremiah. I met Jeremiah and his family shortly after moving to Maine. His dad pastors the church that we started going to and we really like. When I found out he had a birthday coming up, I jumped at the opportunity.

Jeremiah and his mom Danielle came to my studio for his session. After he changed into his cake smashing outfit, it was cake smash time! I snapped a few pictures of Jeremiah and his cake and then tried to get him interested in it. He wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. It wasn’t that interesting after all, which is okay. He got some frosting on his hand and feet and we went with it. Mom tried using a spoon and he tried little bites. Come to find out, the Cheerios that they brought were much more exciting than the cake. We tried putting the Cheerios onto the cake as well, but he was too smart for our tricks. Who can blame him though, I’m more into Cheerios than cake myself!

After the cake smash, we started the splash bath part of the session. Mom got Jeremiah into a little tub so he could get the cake off of him and splash around. This proved to be much more exciting than the cake! He was so happy splashing the water and playing with all the little ducks. We even got a game of throw the ducks out of the water and see how fast I could get them back to him in. I got so many fun pictures that showed off his awesome personality and great facial expressions.

I had such a blast doing this session. I loved being able to capture these once in a lifetime moments that Jeremiah and his family will be able to treasure for years to come. Happy second birthday sweet Jeremiah!