Senior year of high school is always an unforgettable time in your teenage years. All those 12 years of school, growing and learning about so many things. Some fun and interesting, some not so fun and interesting. Senior year is filled with many different choices. Like what to wear to prom, where to apply to college, and then where to go to college after you’ve been accepted. Not to mention, what your major will be. Some people know what they want to do with their lives, but some may not know yet. You’ve worked so hard to get good grades, make friends, and be a good student. Some high school students get jobs right after graduation, and some work while going to school.

When I was asked to do a Senior Session with Keagan, I became excited for the opportunity. I remembered back to when I had mine done, I won’t say how many years ago that was though. It was a fun experience and I remember going shopping for my outfit. We planned on meeting on a Saturday morning in mid-October when Keagan had the day off from work. At that time of the year, the leaves were vibrant and beautiful. Perfect time of year for a senior session. I just love taking pictures outside and using nature’s beauty as a backdrop. The day came and I met them at their house in a beautiful town called Candia. As I drove into their community, I was keeping my eyes out for a good spot on their road.

That morning was a bit chilly and windy, but Keagan didn’t let that stop the fun and the beautiful shots. She was a trooper; she did everything that I asked her to do. Such as trekking into the woods and down trails with me. She also sat down on rocks, leaned against trees, and lantern poles, and standing in between trees and branches. About midway through her session, Keagan changed her sweater to a t-shirt and jean jacket. Both of her outfit choices went well with the beautiful scenery and the colorful trees. We chatted about how she goes to Jesse Remington High School, a small Christian high school in Candia. We also talked about how she wanted to go to college for nutrition. She will be going to the University of Maine in Orono for Nutrition and Dietetics in the Fall.  

Unfortunately, Keagan and all the other seniors that are graduating, this year isn’t ending how we have expected it to. With everything that’s going on with Covid 19, things like prom, and spending time with friends have made all those things impossible. While recently chatting with her mom, Shelly, she informed me that Jesse Remington High School will be having an outdoor graduation ceremony versus the usual church ceremony for their seniors. They have to limit the amount of people that can be invited, but I’m happy for Keagan and her classmates that they will still get to celebrate their school achievements and get the ceremony that they deserve to have.

Keagan, thank you for letting me be a small part of your senior year by taking your senior pictures. I wish you all the best in your next adventures while attending college and pursuing your passion. You will do great in anything that you put your heart and mind to!