Shortly after George and I were married, I got this idea in my head that I need to have a cute little pet. I didn’t want a dog and he didn’t want a cat. So I would look at bunny pages on Instagram often and scroll and scroll and cry at the cute little bunnies. I convinced George that we had to get one, and it worked! I wanted to have a specific breed of ones that stayed little. We found a breeder (I know, please don’t judge me) and she had Holland Lop bunnies. By this time my want for one bunny became a need for two. So we were looking at the website and George saw one that caught his eye and we fell in love. Introducing Emerson Chase.

Emerson Chase, born on July 4th, 2017. We met him on August 12th he was so little that he fit right in our hands. So tiny and so cute. We were in love! He reminded George of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, so we nicknamed him Stitch. He couldn’t come home with us for a few weeks. We were anxiously waiting for his arrival and were preparing all the things we needed for him. A cage, litterbox, hay, food and toys. We didn’t really know exactly what to expect but we were excited. On Tuesday, September 5th the day we could take him home finally arrived. We got our box and towel and off we went to pick him up. He had grown since the first time we saw him. But he was still a tiny guy. We brought him home and fell quickly in love with him. I don’t think I got a whole lot done after he came I just wanted to spend time with my tiny boy. But remember my want for two? Well I had been stalking the breeders page for another little love and oh my goodness! It was love at first sight. Introducing Lola Mae.

Lola Mae, born August 24th, 2017. We met her on September 17th and she was also so little and fit right in our hands. She had beautiful coloring and I didn’t want to give her back, but she was still nursing, and we couldn’t get her for another month. While we were waiting for her to come home, we prepared for her arrival. On Saturday, October 14th we were finally able to bring her home. We got our box and towel and off we went. Her ears! Oh my goodness they had grown so long that they were bigger than her head! She was bigger than the first time we saw her, but she was perfect! We got her home and introduced her to Emerson. Yup, as you’d expect the first thing he did after sniffing her….he started humping her. The two were able to stay together for a little bit before Lola would have the ability to have babies. When we had to separate them they broke my heart. They were side by side, but they hated it. Soon after Emerson was fixed they were reunited once again. And then the same when Lola got fixed.

Emerson and Lola have the best personalities! They both know their names and will respond to you when spoken to. They know when they’re being naughty, and feel remorseful when they’ve misbehaved. We like to think that Emerson is the equivalent to an angsty teenager with a little bit of a ‘whatever Mom, it’s my life’ attitude. Lola on the other hand is like the sweet and bubbly princess girl who loves attention. They love each other so much. They love to give each other kisses and cuddle and be with each other all the time. They even love to spoon, and oh my goodness it’s seriously cute every time! Lola loves being the big spoon and protect him with her ears! When we hold them while sitting on the couch, whoever is holding Lola usually ends up with Emerson too because he just wants to be where she is.

Being a bunny Mom has been a lot of fun. I love to watch them run around and jump and play. I get so many kisses and snuggles. They are great comforters when I’m feeling sad or anxious. Especially when Lola breathes on you and it sounds like a helicopter. Emerson and Lola have completed our family. They are right where they belong in life!