Somedays were harder than others. I had prayed so many times. He had to be out there somewhere, right? The process seemed to take forever! But when it happened, it was like a magician’s trick. Abracadabra. There he was. We were in awe.

I had started going to a young adults group with my friend Lisa at a different church. It was Friday nights. I met a lot of nice people. The group was big so at one point the leaders had decided to break the group into two. Little did I know that it would change my life. God did. After a brief conversation over making cake waffles before group on the night of September 16, 2016 about one of the guys, my life would be changed forever. We had sat in the same room for about 9 months. Week after week. We probably said hi to each other a couple times but I’m not even sure about that. In my mind I had always thought of him as the guy with pretty eyes who wore V-neck t-shirts and nothing more than that. Until that night in September. That night it was as if there was a switch that was turned for me. We had a brief conversation after group, I was intrigued. Was this a possibility? I wasn’t quite sure.

During the next two weeks we went from never talking to texting every day. I was interested but wasn’t sure if he was too. We talked about everything. Could he be feeling the same way about me? Could it be a possibility? I was hoping so.

On Friday, September 30th the young adults were having a bonfire. I couldn’t wait to see him! That night we got to hang out and talk. We played games and sat around the bonfire. The questions that were in my head were starting to be answered that night. It was getting late and I had to leave because I had to work the next morning. I was sad that it was ending. Later that night we talked on the phone for the first time. I knew that I’d see him on Sunday and go to the Deerfield Fair. It was something I was really looking forward to.

The next day a bunch of our friends went to Dave and Busters for my friend Matt’s birthday. I was texting with George that day and then found out that he was driving Uber close by. So I decided to invite him to come. I told everyone that I invited a friend to which my friend Sam referred to him as my boyfriend. I got defensive and said no he’s not he’s just my friend. Well she would soon be right. That night we played all kinds of games and got to enjoy time with my friends.

On Sunday, October 2nd we had plans to go to the Deerfield Fair together. It was something I had talked about wanting to do and his response was, should I pick you up or meet you there? Okay, I guess we’re going together then, I thought. I ended up meeting him at the church we went to Young Adults at. I was nervous not knowing if it was a date or not. We drove to the fair listening to Journey and eating purple grapes. We saw the animals, shows, watched The Flying Wallendas, ate some good fair food, and watched silly YouTube videos, you know, all the fair things. As the day went by I slipped my hand into his. He didn’t fight it, this was a good sign. Maybe this was a date? When we saw all there was to be seen we decided to leave. He brought me back to my car. We ended up staying in the parking lot for 2 hours just talking. We finally said our goodbyes and off we went. I was feeling all the feels and I knew, I knew that he was the one! I later found out that he also thought the same thing. How crazy is that? One unofficial date and we both knew!

That next Tuesday, October 4th we had plans to hang out at my apartment. I made dinner and was excited to see him again. We ate and then watched Oceans 11. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I responded with “I’m all in!” I’ll never forget that night. I was so happy and was falling quickly for this guy with the pretty eyes who wore V-neck t-shirts. As time went by I met his family, and then he met mine. We knew we wanted to get married and started planning our wedding. He asked my Mom’s permission to marry me the same weekend he met her. She knew that God had brought us together and said yes. On Christmas Eve he proposed to me in the same parking lot that we talked for 2 hours the night of the Deerfield Fair. He was so nervous, and I didn’t know it was going to happen. It was amazing!

Like I said, we had already started planning our wedding. We had even talked about just going to City Hall and just getting married there. We didn’t though. We set our date for March 25th, 2017. I wanted a 1950’s style wedding. I got my tea-length wedding dress and my red shoes. Everything just kept falling into place. We knew that the whole thing was being orchestrated by God. We decided to have a small ceremony and then go to Mary Ann’s Diner for our reception. We decorated the church with records, vintage suitcases, my typewriter, and Coca-Cola bottles and flowers. I was so happy to finally become the Mrs. to his Mr. As we are nearing our third anniversary I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. I couldn’t be happier that God chose George for me and that we get to slowly grow old together.

Stay tuned for more to come.