When Kristin inquired about engagement pictures, it made me so excited to capture the love between two people! It doesn’t get much better than that. Although I hadn’t met her and Tom, I knew a little bit of their love story already. Our mutual friend Rachel shared with me about the surprise proposal that was going to happen on New Year’s Eve earlier in the year. She was so excited to be part of the surprise that Tom shared and planned with them to surprise Kristin. There were video and picture capturing their sweet special moment. Getting engaged is such a monumental time, isn’t it? Something a girl dreams of her entire life. Meeting the right one, falling in love, getting engaged, getting married! I’m such a sucker for love! I can’t help it. Each story is so beautiful and unique to each couple. I love Love.

Tom and Kristin have been together for 6 years. Six years of dating, learning, growing, and falling more in love with each other. Although I haven’t known them for those six years, when I did meet them for their engagement session, I could tell that their love for each other was real, pure, and true. It was all in the way that they looked at each other.

We met for the shoot on Monday October 28, 2019 at Benson’s Park in Hudson, New Hampshire. They wanted to capture all of fall’s beauty in their pictures. I remember that there were a couple of rainy and windy days leading up to their session and I was praying that there would still be some pretty leaves on the trees. There were… phew! We met in the parking lot and said our hellos and then off we went. We headed into the park and you could see the pretty yellows, greens, and reds on the trees and on the ground. They were such pros, like they were born to be in front of the camera. We got some great shots of them and her engagement ring, which was gorgeous. Great job, Tom! They changed outfits and kept moving to different areas of the park.

There was a beautiful tree with vibrant yellow colors. We headed over to that tree. I got some beautiful pictures of them sitting among the fallen leaves. They were gracious enough to put up with me and my silly prompts to capture different poses. Touch noses, kiss with your teeth, Tom look at Kristin, Kristin look at me, touch foreheads, Tom whisper in your sexiest voice what you ate for breakfast, walk towards me as if you were drunk while holding hands, look at each other, now look at me. What they didn’t know is that I had a little surprise up my sleeve. I had asked Rachel a couple of days before the photo shoot if she knew what their song was that they would have their first dance to. She had one of two songs in mind but thought one might have been Speechless by Dan and Shay. I had the song ready to play on my phone so they could, you know, practice their first dance. Cue the music. They danced for the song’s entirety and it was the sweetest thing! Tom twirled and dipped Kristin and it was as if I wasn’t even there. Leaves were falling around them as they danced as if they were dancing with them. Remember how I’m a sucker for a good love story? Well, watching them together was tugging at my heart’s strings. It was beautiful and magical!

After the song finished, we explored other parts of the park. We found some steps and benches and took some photos there. They were such troopers and up for anything. Even sitting on the ground that was a bit damp from the rain. We got some pictures with the pond in the background. We found a pretty red bush. We got some great pictures by it. Got more ring shots. We talked about how their wedding was scheduled for April and some of the details. As the session was ending, it was starting to sprinkle a little. Thankfully the rain held off until we were done. We chatted as we walked back to our cars and then said our goodbyes. As I left the parking lot, I couldn’t wait to get home to upload their pictures onto my computer. They were such beautiful pictures. Love was captured!

The other night, I was informed that Tom and Kristin had to postpone their wedding until November with everything going on right now. I can only imagine that it was a hard decision to make. To have put so much time and effort into your big day and then to have to push it back. I wish all the best for Tom and Kristin in their marriage, and their lives. May they continue to learn, grow, and to continue to grow deeper in love with each other every day. And may they live happily ever after!!!